I Voted in the Advanced Polls

I voted not thanks to Sir John A MacDonald or any of the original Canadian politicians, but because of the suffragettes. Thank you, suffragettes of 100 years ago

I have good news and bad news: good first, two of the three main provincial leaders are women! Leaders!

Here’s the bad news: Kathleeen Wynne is the leader of the pedophile party. Andrea Horwath is the leader of the nazi party.

So I had no choice but to vote for a man. THE man. Doug Ford. But if you think about it, he’s the only solution for the rapefugee crisis facing womenkind (and no I won’t say peoplekind or refugee, since these aren’t legit refugees).

If we turn Ontario, the most populous province conservative, it may be the only way to take down our current prime minister, the most misogynistic prime minister in Canadian history. There are conservative female politicians that I will vote for when I get the chance, but until then, I’m sorry that the legacy of the first female premier of Ontario is so disgusting


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    1. The Patriarchy likes my open letter to the suffragettes. I like it


  1. Guy says:

    Absolutely! Wynne is a disaster.

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